Rip Rap Perth

Are you looking to build sections of RipRap in Perth?

Here at Perth Earth and Limestone we can help design, supply and install your Rip Rap for your next project. Stone RipRap erosion prevention is one of the fastest and cost effective methods to secure embankments of earth from both wind, water and gravitational erosion in Perth.

Stone Pitching Perth

We have been designing and installing Stone Rip Rap in Perth over several decades in Perth and have some of our original works still holding fast. This truly is a test of our stone craft workmanship and knowledge of the required engineering to complete the appropriate Rip Rap structure for Perth’s environments.

When you choose to design and build a Rip Rap Installation in Perth you must consider several factors like which material will you use? Granite rocks or Limestone boulders? What is the estimated term you wish to retain the earth in the area of installation? Granite has the hardest wearing factor for environments like river or ocean erosion’s but limestone is significantly cheaper.

If you wish to know more about Rip Rap structures, you can view the Rip Rap Wiki or read on below.

Riprap which is also commonly referred to as rip rap, rock Armour, rubble rock, shot rock or Rip-rap is usually constructed from rock or other hard wearing material used to protect shorelines, riverbeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other types of shoreline structures against scarring, wind or water erosion as well as the architectural aesthetics of retaining earth.

It can manufactured using a range of rock types, common granite or limestone and occasionally concrete rubble or recycled clay bricks from demolition can be used. It can be used on any waterways or water containment areas like shorelines where there is ongoing potential for water erosion.

Rip-Rap-Perth-DamRiprap works by absorbing and deflecting the energy of waves before they reach the defended structure. The size and mass of the riprap material absorbs the impact energy of waves, while the gaps between the rocks trap and slow the flow of water, lessening its ability to erode soil or structures on the coast. The mass of riprap also provides protection against impact damage by ice or debris, which is particularly desirable for bridge supports and pilings.

It is used to protect the sea walls as you would see all around Perth like in Fremantle Western Australia, Cockburn Sound, Cottesloe and Hillary’s. The limestone riprap used in these locations absorbs the impact of the waves as they shoot up the wall and then fall back down preventing the sea from eroding the roads and land on its other side.

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